Hello, I’m Anthony King.

Nicely Neatly is my hastily named personal brand, and current dot com destination for anyone interested in my design ability and acumen. I created this website with the express intent of showcasing my work and experience as a professional designer.

I currently (very happily) spend my days at Humble Bundle.

While at work, I balance creating very easy to use experiences with pumping out visually stellar assets for mobile applications, desktop applications, and the responsive web. I have a design process, and I’d be happy to share it with you (just ask).

To talk about that process on a high level, I start with an ideation phase, move into tactically creating screen flows / wireframes / prototypes, and ultimately, deliver hand crafted, pixel-perfect mockups, animated interactions, and high-fidelity assets. There are more nuanced steps to my process, but this highlights a 10k foot view of how I approach design challenges.

All boiled down, I personally contain all of the tangible skills and experiences you’d expect from a modern designer, and operate best when part of a talented team.

For fun, I wander around in After Effects, and spend time in Maya. I mostly play video games, drink, beer, and devour pizza whenever available.

I currently work in San Francisco, live in Pacifica, and was born + raised in Michigan.

Follow me on Twitter and Dribbble if you’d like. You can also find me on LinkedIn.  Feel free to email me, too.

You can also download my resumé if y’ant.

Thanks. ✌️