Design Process

One of the most common questions I get when talking to people about my career as a product designer is “what do you actually do every day?” It’s a really good question that I get from tech industry professionals to curious family members, and the answer is that it depends on where I’m at in a project’s design process.

Budget, time constraints, and team size always affect how much of a design process is adhered to, but over the past ten years, this is the closest to an ideal process that I’ve come up with. It’s evolved and changed as the tech industry has adopted core design as a pillar of underlying success for a product or company, and I try to use as much of it as I can during each project. 

Design has immense value increasing a product’s visibility and engagement, and having a strong foundational structure (or process) that ensures repeatable success is highly desirable. Everything in my portfolio has gone through a design process, and while you’re seeing finished products in my portfolio, be assured that months of work and iteration went into each page, app, or game.